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Welcome to Musicians Class

Our team is made up of many wonderful characters. The teachers are Miss Nehar (Musicians Class) and Miss Jimenez (Artists Class). We are also lucky enough to have two full-time teaching assistants: Miss Scott (Artists) and Mrs Pryce (Musicians) as well as a learning support assistant, Miss Paes (Musicians).

When the children first arrive in Reception and despite our long break from the familiarity of school for many, we will strive to keep the changes to a minimum and adhere to the familiar routines of their previous Nursery Classes. This is because we understand that children learn best when they feel safe and secure and thus they need time to settle into their new classroom with their new teachers. Our timetable will include daily Numeracy and Literacy lessons as well as four Phonics sessions a week with a recap at the end of the week. The children will also enjoy lots of physical and creative experiences including PE, Music, ICT, DT & Art which are built into their daily curriculum.

We strive to create a fun and educational environment so that the children have a chance to grow and develop their key skills. The first half of the Autumn Term sees us start with the topic, ‘Unbelievable Us!' Children will learn about how special and unique they are as well as learning about their amazing body and their five senses. They will also learn about healthy eating and the need to exercise to maintain a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.

The second half of the Autumn Term we will continue our learning with the topic, ‘Celebrations’ which focuses on celebrations including those of different cultures such as Eid, Diwali and Christmas.

During the first half of the Spring Term we will focus on ‘Jolly Jobs & Handy Helpers!' Children will have a chance to learn about different jobs and important people in the community. The second half of the Spring Term and the first half of the Summer Term will see us focus deeply on the topic, ‘Once Upon a Time’ where we will enjoy learning, reading and writing about different and familiar fairy tales. The second half of the Summer Term will see us focus on the much loved topic, ‘Into the Blue…’ where the children will become immersed in the wonderful world of under the sea and its mesmerising life!

In Reception, we believe in offering opportunities to consolidate learning off site through educational trips and workshops within the local area and beyond.

Over all, Reception is a tantalising treat of topics and activities aimed at creating independent and confident children ready to tackle the future!

 ​Miss Nehar and Miss Jimenez​​

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