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E-Safety At Haslemere

At Haslemere we take e-safety very seriously, at the start of each term children take part in e-safety sessions and they are reminded about e-safety at school and home and to be respectful of equipment they use each time they undertake an ICT lesson.

Children are taught how to email each other through our Learning Platform-they can only email their peers in their class group. Teachers are able to monitor conversations to ensure that children are being respectful to each other and the learning platform has a “Whistle” that can be clicked to let the class teacher, head teacher and Website Administrator know if they see something they do not like on the learning platform. Children can also use the blog on the learning platform taking part in group discussions; again this is monitored by the class teacher. Homework can be set and that can be uploaded to the learning platform for the teacher to mark.

Haslemere Primary School is part of the London Grid for Learning and we have our internet and our filtering of the internet managed by them. This is a robust filtering system that protects our children in school.  Children are encouraged to report to their class teacher if they see something on the internet that offends them and the school will look into the “offending item”, if it is something that has slipped through the filtering net we will request it to be blocked and normally it is blocked within 30 minutes, or quicker.

We strongly recommend to parents and carers that parental controls are set up on all computers, tablets, mobile phones and especially your broadband to keep your children safe. Give your child their own login details with the parental controls set, on some devices you can even set how long they can use the device for. Below are a list of different devices and how to set the parental controls, this is from your broadband to your handheld game device and everything in between.

Did you know if you switch your tablet/phone to airplane mode the games can still be played but you cannot purchase Apps or expensive items on games already downloaded to the device?

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