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Mon 10th - Fri 14th December - (8:30am & 3pm) Movie Night Tickets on sale - £2.00 from PTA
  • Overview of Friends of Haslemere

    Our PTFA/Friends of Haslemere Association runs regular fundraising events for the school community.

    Not only does this provide lots of fun, the money we raise enhances the education and experience of all the children at our school and will only continue to do so with your support.If you want to make a difference please contact one of our committee members and take part!

    • Who are Friends of Haslemere?

    We are the PTA at Haslemere Primary School.

    • What do we do ?

    We help to improve and enrich the school lives of EVERY Haslemere Primary school pupil.

    • How do we do this?

    We help raise funds (and awareness) to purchase extra resources for Haslemere Primary school.

    • Why does the school need extra money?

    Because Government cuts in funding mean that there is a limited amount of money to spend within the school –so ‘non-essentials’ get cut!!

    • What has our PTA =Friends of Haslemere-done in the past?

    We have:

    Contributed a large part of the funding to provide the All Weather Pitch.

    Purchased Home School Diaries.

    Supplied Play Equipment for Nursery.

    Part funded refurbishment of the Study centre.

    Part funded the Eco Lighting in school.

    Raised £1000 for membership to the Sports Foundation.

    Raised £995 for Curriculum Wheels, relates to Creative Curriculum.

    Funded refurbishment of Hall curtains and blinds.

    Organised and funded an ice rink event

    Contributed to School leavers’ events.

    + Numerous smaller budget but equally useful projects.

    • How do we raise funds?

    We have many different projects such as: cake sales, Christmas and summer fairs ,ice pole sales ,DVD nights ,barbeque evening, karaoke evening, quiz night, race night, coffee mornings, craft mornings .......etc

    • What can YOU do to help?

    Volunteering your time-even 10 minutes can be useful!

    Your ideas for new events or contacts.

    Volunteer your skills-help make, bake, sell, tell, move or mend. ALL skills welcome.

    • WHY DO WE DO IT?

    Because we want the very best resources available for EVERY Haslemere child. DON’T YOU??

    Everyone is welcome so come along and be a part of enriching your child’s time at Haslemere .

    To find out more speak to any FOH, come to a meeting or email


  • Events 2018-19

    Wednesday 3rd October - 9am -  PTA / FOH Meeting - Extended Services Room

    Mon 8th - Fri 12th October - (8:30am & 3pm) Movie Night Tickets for sale £2.00

    Wednesday 17th October - 3:30 - 5:20pm - MOVIE NIGHT (Film chosen is Coco)

    Mon 26th - Fri 30th November - Christmas Raffle Tickets for Sale - £1.00 per strip

    Friday 30th November - MUFTI Day (£1.00 contribution required)

    Mon 3rd - Fri 7th December - Story Time with Santa Tickets on Sale - £2.50

    Friday 7th December - MUFTI Day (Wear your Christmas Clothes - Bring in cakes / gifts for Christmas fair)

    Friday 7th December - 3:30 - 5:30pm - CHRISTMAS FAIR

    Mon 10th - Fri 14th December - (8:30am & 3pm) Movie Night Tickets on sale - £2.00

    Wednesday 12th December - Story Time with Santa (School time)

    Wednesday 19th December - 3:30 - 5pm - CHRISTMAS MOVIE NIGHT

    Thursday 17th January 2019 - 100th Day MUFTI - Come dressed as if its 1919!!  (£1.00 contribution required)

    Mon 18th - Fri 22nd March - Mothers' Day Secret Room Tickets for Sale - £2:50

    Wednesday 27th March - Mothers Day Secret Room Open!!

    Mon 3rd - Fri 7th June - Fathers' Day Secret Room Tickets for Sale - £2:50

    Wednesday 12th June - Fathers' Day Secret Room Open!!

    Friday 21st June - MUFTI Day - Summer Fair Contribution (tbc)

    Friday 28th June - MUFTI Day - Summer Fair Contribution (tbc)

    Friday 5th July - MUFTI Day - Summer Fair Contribution (tbc)

    Saturday 6th July - SUMMER FAIR 

  • Class Reps

    If you would like to be a Class Rep, please speak to your child's class teacher who will liaise with the Friends of Haslemere for you or come along to a PTA / FOH meeting. 

    Class Parent/Carer Child
    Adventurers (Nursery    
    Explorers (Nursery)    
    Artists (Reception)    
    Musicians (Reception)    
    Y1 - Jebb     
    Y1 - Queen Victoria     
    Y2 - Earhart    
    Y2 - Stephenson    
    Y3 - Armstrong    
    Y3 - Columbus    
    Y4 - Mandela    
    Y4 - Shakespeare    
    Y5 - Frank    
    Y5 - Pankhurst    
    Y6 - Churchill    
    Y6 - Fleming    
  • Give as you Live

    Please support the school by signing up to Give As You Live.

  • Match Funding

    Many companies throughout the UK offer employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by 'matching' the money they raise. It really is money for nothing, and your PTA could double the amount of cash it raises with very little effort.  Please contact your Human Resources department to check if your company run a scheme and can give you a form to fill in.

    For more information about Match Funding go to http://www.pta.co.uk/funding/faqs-match-funding.aspx

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