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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum 1

At Haslemere, we INSPIRE. We are Inclusive, we Nurture, we provide a Safe environment, we Persevere, we promote Independence and Respect and we Educate.   At Haslemere, we deliver a text rich curriculum incorporating Philosophy for Children, which immerses the children in language and equips them with key thinking skills, enabling them to leave our school as confident, articulate communicators.  We challenge all children to achieve their full potential and develop a life-long love of learning, reading, investigating and creating. 

As a Philosophy for Children Gold School, we embed the 4Cs in our curriculum offer; facilitating P4C enquiries each half term. We use the 4Cs: Critical, Caring, Creative and Collaborative thinking to enhance our teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Our Values Curriculum, teaches children to be moral, responsible citizens who take responsibility for themselves and their world.  We celebrate our achievements, to instil a sense of pride and appreciation.  We actively teach and embed the important life-skills of maintaining a healthy mind and body through making sensible choices. 

We want our curriculum to open children’s eyes and inspire them to be the best they can be. In an area with higher than average levels of deprivation, our curriculum must allow children to compete and achieve at the highest level, and achieve equality of opportunities. Because of this, our curriculum places an unapologetic emphasis on the importance of ensuring that our children are confidently literate and numerate, as these skills underpin and provide access to all learning. 


We aim to:

  • Provide an engaging and relevant curriculum that stimulates active thinking and a proactive, independent approach to learning;
  • Develop children's emotional well-being, so that they become resilient, confident individuals.
  • To develop children to be Creative, Collaborative, Critical and Caring thinkers.
  • Provide learning experiences that will support children to make good choices in the future and enable them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Encourage children to value their local community and the world around them, so that they become reliable, independent, environmentally aware and positive citizens.

Our Curriculum:

At Haslemere we provide a full inclusive ‘Curriculum Offer’ to all children. We follow the National Curriculum 2014. As a staff team we have designed our Curriculum to suit the needs of all our learners and fit the context of our school. Each subject is taught weekly, PE twice a week, within a themed overview. Where possible the subjects link to the theme, otherwise they are taught discretely.  All subjects build upon the EYFS Curriculum, with clear transition from EYFS to KS1.

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