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School Uniform

School uniform can be purchased direct from School Uniform Direct, who are based at Unit 5 Mitcham Industrial Estate, Streatham Road, Mitcham, CR4 2AP or via the internet at School Uniform Direct

To find your nearest branch and opening times please click HERE



Due to reduced customer footfall across all our stores, we have had to amend our opening times.
The new opening times will be reviewed in January, however until then please can you let your parents know and update any information you may have on websites/literature that might contain this info.
We have updated our website, Google and we will be emailing all our customers, however, we are aware the best form of communication is directly through the schools!


It is now no longer necessary to book an appointment to come to visit our stores.
We had an extremely successful back to school period using the appointment based system. Many of you may have heard the nightmare stories across the media of School Uniform stores across the country that had 5-hour queues... Including one in Croydon with people starting the queue at 5am in the morning!
We were extremely pleased with our system of appointments which meant that those that did have to queue, also known as ‘Walk-ins’ (as they did not book an appointment), had to wait for an average of 30 mins.
We will be introducing the appointment-based system for next year’s back to school – but will update this to parents and schools in the New Year!



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