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Key Information

School priorities 2019-2020

1. To raise the progress measure for reading at KS2

2. To narrow the gap between boy and girl attainment.

3. To increase the GD attainment for writing at KS1

4. To continue to embed the mastery apprach to maths.

5. To refine and enhance the curriculum offer

6. To ensure all SEND children are able to access the inclusive curriculum offer

7. To build capacity for the SLT and MLT to distrubute their leadership skills

  • School's KS2 Attainment
      2019   2018  
      School   National School  National
    Reading AT expected 69% 73% 67% 78%
    Writing AT expected 75% 78% 70% 78%
    Maths AT expected 80% 79% 74% 76%
    G,Sp & P AT expected 78% 78% 75% 78%


      2019   2018  
      School National School National
    Reading Higher Standard 33%  27% 16% 28%
    Writing Higher Standard 19% 20% 16% 20%
    Maths Higher Standard 27% 27% 20% 245
    G,SP Higher Standard 42% 36% 47% 34%


    Progress data

    2019 2018

    Reading Progress Score -1.2

    Reading Progress Score 0.5

    Writing Progress Score -1.1

    Writing Progress Score 1.0

    Maths Progress Score -0.9

    Maths Progress Score 1.6

Equality Duty and Objectives

Latest Ofsted Report 2020

Parent View

OFSTED seek the views of parents at schools via a web based survey. We would like you to complete this survey for us, so that when OFSTED do prepare and plan for our inspection they have a feel for the parental views. It will also help us to see what parents feel about specific areas of the school. 

 1. http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk will take you to the Parent View website.

 2. Click on “Give your views now” and you will be asked to register or login. You just need an email address to register.

 3. Once logged in you are asked to answer 14 questions about the school.

Thank you for completing this survey.

If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please come into school and ask at reception.

Copies of documentation

Copies of documentation are available free of charge on request to the headteacher via the info@haslemere.merton.sch.uk email address.

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