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The school is now closed until further notice. Please look after yourselves and your families. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible.
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Monday 30.3.2020

Dear Haslemere Family, 

Hello to you all on our second week of lockdown and school closure. I do hope that you are listening to the Government’s advice and staying indoors unless it is vitally necessary to leave your homes. I know being stuck inside might not be the most fun, but it is important at this time and it is helping save lives across the country.

I am very keen to know what you have been doing in the past week, please email me or upload pictures onto your DB platform and share your week with me! When I haven’t been working I have been enjoying time with my boys, we have; baked cupcakes, played Uno, jumped on the trampoline, made a homemade cinema in the lounge (watching Frozen 2) and enjoyed making cards and letters to post to family and friends.

Your teachers have been working hard getting their DB Virtual classrooms set up for you and adding either tasks via the DB activities or uploading files with work for you to complete. (Year 6 I have seen the reading comprehension you should be doing!) Please do log in and send a message to your teacher, they are missing seeing you each day. Your teachers are online each day and have already emailed messages to you all. The work packs sent home should be keeping you busy for now and there are lots of things to do once you log in or look on the school website. We do still need you to be doing some learning each day. Don’t forget to also read each day and go onto the TT Rockstars.

Next week is the Easter break, so there will be plenty of time then for some down time and after Easter we will be ready to post new work for each year group to complete.

Keep safe everyone and look after each other!

Best wishes and with love, Mrs Groom x

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