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The school is now closed until further notice. Please look after yourselves and your families. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible.
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Hello to you all, Mrs Groom here!

I usually say 'hello' to you on the gate, playground or in assembly but since we can’t do that for the time being, I decided to send you a message instead. I won’t be able to do this every day but I will be thinking of you whilst the school is closed.

When you normally come to school each day, I know that you know exactly how to behave and make good choices (you are brilliant at it!) and I wanted to remind you that the same rules apply at home. So, whilst we are apart, I would like you to remember to do the following things (every day if you can manage it!):

  1. Listen to your parents and carers and do what they say – like at school, all the rules are there to keep you safe and help you to learn.
  2. Be kind and thoughtful to others. Staying at home might feel frustrating at times but remember to try to do at least one good deed every day – it will make you feel great, I promise! (Remember how we all said encouraging things to each other in assembly and the whole hall was full of smiles? You can do that at home too!)
  3. Make good choices. Think before you speak or act and remember to treat others as you would like them to treat you.
  4. Be thankful for all the good things you have.
  5. Learn something every day. Whilst you are at home, I need you to keep learning! Maths, reading, writing, more reading, art, sports and read some more! Your parents may not be teachers (although some are) but they are there to help you.
  7. Keep remebering our Haslemere Values and make yourself proud! 

If you need to ask me anything, just send me an email on the DB platform. I look forward to hearing about all your home learning and can’t wait until we are all back at school, learning, playing and being together again.

Stay safe, healthy and look after each other!

With best wishes and lots of love,

Mrs Groom

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