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Welcome to Armstrong Class




Autumn Term

History: Heroes and Monsters!

Science: Rocks and Soils

Geography: Umoja! (Africa)

Spring Term

History: Raiders and Invaders

Science: Forces and Magnets

History: Raiders and Invaders

Science: Healthy Me!

Summer Term

History/Geography: My Merton

Science: Plants

Geography/History: La Bamba!

Science: Light


The staff in Year 3 are as follows:

Columbus Class: Miss Hayley Gilgeours and Mrs Delie Smith.

Armstrong Class: Miss Emma Kendell and Mrs Julie Kirby.

Year 3 shared Teaching Assistant: Miss Geen Howard.

The children have an action-packed year ahead of them, with an equal measure of fun and hard work! This is your child’s first year in KS2, (the Juniors). During this year you will see them become more self-assured, confident and mature as they learn to be much more independent in their approach to school work. We will encourage them to become more responsible for their learning, whether it is in the class, or at home using the new Learning Platform.

Please encourage your child to:

read every night; practise their spellings; practise their times tables; and check out the Learning Platform for any extra tasks that we have set.


Please feel free to come and see any member of the team if you have any queries


Kind regards,

Year 3 Team


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