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Eco Zone

The staff and pupils at Haslemere Primary School are committed to improving the local area and treating the planet with respect.

Children are taught how to be Eco friendly.

The school is working with The Wandle Valley Low Carbon Zone and the Green Doctors who can help you save money as well as resources. Please take a look at their section, of this very important area of our web page.

In year 5 children are able to attend a residential trip at Rippledown in Deal Kent. More information can be found below. Year 5 children also learn about the local area with the wardens.

We are trying to become an Eco school, please help us, put your litter in a bin, recycle whenever possible and remember to switch off lights, don't leave TV's and other electrical equipment on standby, turn the tap off, even when washing your teeth-(did you know you can use 9 litres of water if you leave the tap on while washing your teeth?) and turn your heating down a degree or two you may not even notice what you are saving until your next bill comes in.

The Wandle Low Carbon Zone

The Wandle Valley Low Carbon Zone (WVLCZ) is an area in a small part of South Mitcham in the Phipps Bridge, Cherry Tree and New Close Estates.

The aim is to make a 20% cut in CO2 emissions by March 2012 for the whole area. You can help make this happen by booking your FREE Green Doctor appointment. Collectively, as of October 2011 residents have already helped save 130 tonnes of CO2 and over £27,000!

Our team are completely reliant on the help, support and enthusiasm of all those living and working in the Zone's community. Although we have already made significant steps to achieving our goal we still have far to go.

If you’re a resident in the Zone who wants to save money on your energy bills then get in touch by emailing: WVLCZ@merton.gov.uk or call the Green Doctors on 020 8687 4050.

For more information on the Wandle Valley Low Carbon Zone go to the website at http://www.merton.gov.uk/environment/sustainability-climate/wvlcz.htm

Our work with Haslemere

The WVLCZ has done a lot of great work with Haslemere since our project began in March last year. Take a look at just some of the great stuff we have been doing with Haslemere.

· Installation of Solar Panels

· We have installed water saving measures such as eco toilet controls and water saving taps.

· We have also introduced new educational software into the school. This computer software package known as Carbon Hub will allow children to learn more about climate change and monitor CO2 emissions from their school. It also provides site managers with better data to show where their energy bills are really being spent.

· Haslemere Primary School have also contributed to many Friends of Phipps Bridge events such as several litter clear ups in the area and the Phipps Bridge Summer Picnic where the school choir even performed!

Green Doctors

Green Doctors are visiting every home in your area to help reduce your gas, electricity and water bills. check out what we can install for you for free!

Your visit will entail

  • Energy survey of your home
  • Free devices installed worth up to £85
  • Bills reduced by £100* per year
  • Advice in eligible grants for your home (like loft insulation!)
  • Hurry, completely free only until March 2012!

Call your Green Doctor on 020 8687 4050

Or, complete the Booking Form and we will call you!

Why Does a Green Doctor want to visit my home?

A Green Doctor is a home energy assessor. Local charity Groundwork London runs the Green Doctor service, the charity aims to help you become more environmentally friendly whilst saving money off your bills Green Doctors are working in your community as part of the Wandle Valley Low Carbon Zone.

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