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My Maths

My Maths for the IPad and Smart Phone.

We use MyMaths a lot in school, however several families have said that they are unable to use the programme on their iPad’s, this is most likely true for smart phones as well. This is due to these devices not having Flash Software support.

There is a way around this however: go to your app store, Google playstore or ITunes account and download the FREE Puffin Academy app.

From this app select mymaths there should be an option to go to mymaths.co.uk, click this and mymaths should open using the Puffin App and work the same way as it does on a computer.

Each time you want to use mymaths on an iPad or smart phone login using the Puffin App. https://primarysite-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/1f46287cdad546c6b53753c353be28d4_1x1.png

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