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Haslemere Values Curriculum

Haslemere has a diverse community and all major world faiths are represented, and all cultures valued. We have adopted a set of moral values, over a 3 year cycle, which provide common understanding in school and a framework from which to work in creating a cohesive atmosphere. The Values are embedded in the school and are part of day to day life at Haslemere.

The Values are broken down into a particular “Value of the Month” and provide a focus for Assemblies, WOW Time, Philosophy and other parts of the curriculum. At the start of each month the Value is launched in a whole school assembly. At the end of each month, the children in each class vote for a class member who has demonstrated the Value, they are presented with a Values Certificate.

The Values are taught on a 3 year cycle, therefore the children will learn about the values in the earlier stages of their schooling and then touch on them again when they are in the upper part of the school, and can take a deeper look at the values meaning.

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