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We want our children to learn about themselves as developing individuals and as members of their communities, recognising the differences they have in their beliefs and how we can understand and complement each other. To achieve this, pupils learn about all aspects of religious education, following the Merton SACRE syllabus, which involves learning about different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while exploring their own. As they mature and develop during Key Stage 2, they will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their beliefs with each other. To support the development and understanding we will hold whole school assemblies that celebrate the different faiths, explain the traditions and beliefs and help the children to understand each other’s ideas and feeling. This will in turn support them to develop a mutual respect for the different religions they may encounter.

Implementation: We follow the SACRE Merton syllabus, which is a whole school approach that provides a scheme of learning from the Foundation stage through to the end of Key Stage 2.

Impact: Our teachers rely on a range of assessment tools to provide data on the knowledge and skills pupils have, their progress and their development points.  This includes: assessment for learning, application tasks, enquiry tasks, standards of learning in books, end of unit questions and contributions in lessons. Throughout the course of the lesson the class teacher (and support staff where present) will move around the class, offering support/challenge where needed so that each child is receiving direct feedback during the lesson.

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