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Safeguarding and Welfare

Safeguarding and Special Needs Designated Adults/Contacts

My Child needs to have medicine administered during school hours.

If your child needs to have medicine administered during school hours, please complete a request administration for, and bring to the school office.
The course of treatment must be discussed with Mrs Willcocks before any medication is administered.

My child is unwell what do I do?

All of our guidance is in accordance with the advice given by the Health Protection Agency. Please follow this link for more information regarding specific illnesses and their recommendations.

Please ensure that you call the school by 9:00am to let us know of an absence due to sickness, if we do not hear from you, we will contact you by phone to ask why your child is not in school.
If you child has been sick or has had diarrhoea we expect them to be kept at home for 48 hours after the last episode, in accordance with our First Aid Policy.
If you are unsure please do not hesitate to ask.

Children with Mobile phone on the school premises?

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 who walk to school and or home alone may bring a mobile phone to school if you as the parent wish. However they have to be turned off at the school gate, handed into the class teacher/teaching assistant at the start of the day to be locked in a secure cabinet until the end of the school day when the phone will be handed back. The phone maybe switched on at the school gate.

Safeguarding Children

Mobile Phone / Camera Policy Statement
Haslemere Primary School is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and their families.

In line with government recommendations, mobile phones with in-built cameras and cameras should not be used by parents, volunteers, or staff unless full consent is gained in advance.

Within every day practice at Haslemere Primary School, staff will often use cameras as photographs are a key way to record information and support children’s learning and achievements. Classes will add photographs from events and trips to their learning platform for children in their class to view. Parents may also view these photographs via the learning platform, but we request that you do not download or broadcast any of these pictures on any social networking sites.

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